The most amazing thing I can do as a photographer for you; is to capture the most important heartfelt parts of the day and saved them as memories. If a picture paints a thousand words, then your wedding photos must tell an incredibly unique story for decades to come. Let me show you how I will capture your beautiful story on the day.

When you choose me as your photographer, you can have faith that my precise and creative mindset will be at its peak. You and your partner can be at ease; we’ll catch up for coffee (face-to-face), exchanging ideas, plan in advance, have some goals and expectations laid out and work towards a beautiful wedding day.


I shoot with two Canon 5D Mark III full-frame DSLR cameras, with a third as a backup. I mostly shoot with prime lenses – which creates incredible depth of field, a stunning desired style look which separates background and subject with clean crystal bokeh blur. In-sensitive moments I rely on my trusty journalist telephoto lens. I can really get close to all the actions, without being in the way. The results are seamless, you won’t even know I’m here.

Typically I’m not really restrained with time restrictions; however, I do request a minimum of seven hours on the day. The story imagery all begins from the morning start to the evening finale.  What you will receive is an online gallery, with a digital download of final photos for $3000.


The most memorable moments starts in the morning for a bride. Capturing close family and friends; helping the bride get ready, can really set the tone for those incredible photos. It’s such a nice honest way to tell a story, an opportunity to see the coming of a beautiful bride.  Taking those detail shots of the tailored wedding gown, to the silhouette of the bride in the natural morning light, to the colourfull fresh bouquet flowers, is a photographers dream.


There’s a real theme of comradeship in the air whenever you are with the groomsmen side. The imagery is all about the comradery, and to tell that story is to capture the strong portraits moments – the essence behind the man in the suit. Its all about telling the story of an honest guys dreams and hope for the future.


Coming from a Catholic background, I understand the intricacy of cultural and religious values.  Capturing these rare moments is very important to the overall additions to the wedding timeline. With a worldly outlook in life,  photographing the meaningful cultural and religious celebrations are very welcomed.


Why not seal it with a kiss? Moments like these are hard to miss. As the photographer, capturing these memories for life is what all photographers dream to achieve. Just so happy to be part of all of it. Congratulations are in order at this point!


After all the official ceremony, here we get a chance to be excited and explore a new location to add to the photography journal. With the help of your bridal and groomsmen party, the opportunity to have fun, be creative and spontaneous will help create the perfect added imagery of your wedding day timeline.


Sometimes as newlyweds, capturing the moments when you are absorbing the surroundings atmosphere presents a great opportunity to add to the imagery of your story. Adding couple portraits will certainly tell a great reunion story for decades to come.


Evening venue photography presents a great opportunity to photograph family and friends in the festive wedding celebrations. Capturing little moments like the first dance, warming speeches, and all the small things you might miss throughout the evening, will be my job as the photographer to fill in the blanks. Hopefully, this gives you a small preview of your wedding to come. If you read this far, and you are keen to book today, please get in touch straight away. I exclusively shoot a set amount of weddings per year, so don’t miss out.

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