Well hey there! I’m Francis – cheers for stopping by! Mystory involves being in the creative industry, from graphic design, pre-press, short-film storytelling to even children books illustrations. These days I spend my life behind a humble camera (Inception: totem) capturing memories and photos.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.”

Describe me in a few words:

funny, friendly and adventurous

  • Shoots wedding & portraits.
  • Married to my camera.
  • Born in Australia.
  • Vietnamese background heritage.
  • Dog person.
  • Lives off Earl Grey tea (hot or cold).
  • Travels a bit.
  • As much as I love to travel, no place like home.
  • I love cold climates and rainy days.
  • I love my red 90’s Toyota sports car.
  • My happy place: Tennis courts
  • Favorite Player: Roger Federer
  • Never go anywhere without music
  • A passionate artist and loves to draw cartoons.
  • My close friends are like my family to me.
  • Studied a degree of Bachelor of Arts, so I have the piece of paper that says I’m qualified.
  • Only 3 people have guessed my age

 What experience does for the soul and education does for the mind.”

I can honestly say, the traveling and experiences in my life have influenced the way I see the world. One of my favorite places to travel is my homeland Australia.

Seeing Australia and travelling on the road, helps rejuvenate my creativity and my appreciation for the craft of photography.


My photography has taken me all around the world- my trusty camera gear and carefully selected lens  allow me to capture the rare photos moments on earth.

If there is opportunity to photograph outside Australia, – you can definitely count me in! – Let me capture the moment in times.


Inspiration: “You can’t change your past, but you can learn from it and change your future.”

Life’s journey before I picked up a camera, was very different. The road to where I am now is the direct consequences of my creative pre-press and graphic design past. (I was also a real estate agent once upon a time). I shoot with professional-grade gear, using two Canon 5d Mark III’s and Japenese prime lenses that allow me to shoot in dark conditions with the great shallow depth of field.

Here’s a quick reflection of what I have done in my life. Hopefully its a good read.


What is Pre-Press? Pre-Press is the process of preparing digital files for a printing press—making them ready for printing. The value of having a prepress department is the end result of the printed results.

I’ve worked in the printing label industry as Pre-Press operator for almost 10 years. It requires tremendous technical knowledge and fundamental printing principles to be able to work as long as I have. Pre-Press is a very important art, that requires attention to detail, to ensure artwork is printed to specification and to the highest quality standards. I left the industry in late 2017, to traveling across Asia & Australia and pursued a new career in photography. The lesson and experience in the printing industry has been invaluable.


What is Graphic Design? – Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form it takes can be physical or virtual and can include images, words, or graphics.

Working the label printing industry, there were many opportunities to work alongside big brands like ALDI, Coles, Woolworths and many more. When you as long as I have in the industry, you are exposed to many products ranging from food products, automotive, cosmetics to wine and beer industries.


When I first started, digital printing was relatively new to the industry. The demand for quick turn around, premium quality and flexible quantity runs would become a new norm. The graphic pre-press behind the scenes required many new skills sets and thinking. Why you should choose digital printing in the modern aftermath?


Importance of technical specification? The details always count especially in communicating design, to executing print design.

I studied a bachelor of arts at RMIT university. I discovered the path of combining both creativity and technical minded thinking would become central part of my thinking and in life. In technical pre-press, it was always an important component to consider to ensure quality standard are met, especially working with speciality printing press equipments.

Being technically minded, the creative transition into photography proved easier than thought. Having been exposed to high-end editing software, photo retouching became second nature.


Colour? – In printing, all colours can be broken down into a formula system to create a Pantone colour. Cyan, Yellow,  Magenta, Black being on of the most commonly used colours.

Understanding the gamut of colour management system in conventional and digital printing, has taken years of practise and skill in the label printing industry. Working with Pantone Bridge colour books and producing calibrated accurate Epson proofs, clients appreciate the level of consistency and accuracy.

Some of my favourite tools are they eye glass and densitometer used to see the fine print of the dots in certain print runs.

Worked closely with printers to produce diverse range of label design, from cosmetic, food products to beverage and labels. Collaborated with many Australian ink suppliers and substrate suppliers to ensure best competitive product.


Managed the installation of a brand new, Gallus EM430’s and strung trials for flexo IML for printing. Examined and explored different substrates & ink suppliers to achieve outstanding results. One of the leading flexo printing presses in the modern 20th century.

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